Band Bio

Texas Slim
Texas Slim could very well be a reincarnate of a passed soulful singer who plays guitar and is once again carving out a niche in music history. Born and raised in Dallas, TX Slim from an early age met and played with the great Alex Moore, (who first recorded the blues in 1929) and later Little Joe Blue. In March of 2002 Slim released his second solo effort “I Have Arrived” which includes the talents of Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors). In addition to his own records, Slim has record and toured with Cold Blue Steel, Randy McAllister, FOAMY (New Bohemians) and has graced the stages of the House of Blues as well as one of the first artists to ever play a Hard Rock Cafe.
Joey Love
Joey Love hit the Texas Music Scene in 1995 forming the Blues Xpress and to date has two independently released CD’s. After landing in the Texas scene from Pennsylvania in 1979 Joey was immediately sucked in by the blues all around him. Suddenly Texas Greats like The Fabulous Thunderbirds, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Freddie King, Johnny Winter among others were screaming out his stereo as Joey literally locked himself in his room to learn this sound that overcame his soul. Now today it’s embedded in his fingers and heart and shows with every note that sings from his guitar.
Bill Cornish
Bill Cornish has been a working musican in the Dallas area for over 9 years. Aside from being a sound/recording engineer Bill has taken his bass skills on the road playing for Little Joe Blue, Pop’s Carter, Texas Slim and the Gems, Smokin’ Joe Kubeck with Bnois King, Randy McAllister and Andrew “Jr. Boy” Jones.
Jimmy Morgan
Jimmy Morgan is the pulse of the band and the quote “Dynamite come in small packages” fits Jimmy to a ‘T’. In just a few short years on the Dallas scene, he has placed himself on the list of being one of Dallas’ premier drummers. His talents have been called upon time and time again as he has recorded and toured extensively with Randy McAllister, Andrew “Jr Boy” Jones and toured Europe with Jim Shuler (George Thorogood’s guitarist).
THE STORYThe year 2002 has proven to be a wonderful year for music with the birth of the Love Machine. Joey Love and Bill Cornish have known each other for several years. Bill had been an occasional sound engineer for the Blues Xpress and when Joey needed a bass player he called upon Bill who had recently been on tour with Jimmy Morgan and Texas Slim backing up Randy McAllister. After a year and a half of performing with Bill in the Blues Xpress, Joey sensed he needed a new direction which came one night in the back of a club in Dallas, TX. There was Texas Slim and Joey Love talking about wanting to form a band with another guitarist and as they say ‘the rest is history’. This truly has been a musical match made in heaven, neither Slim or Joey try to outdo the other but, actually compliment each which exudes in the music that transcends from the stages they perform.